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Nobody ever expects their house to catch fire. It is often very sudden and traumatic for those who have faced it. Moreover, because you are both physically and mentally drained, it is often challenging to take of the damage yourself. Often times, people need to leave their houses because ceilings are charred and the house smells of smoke. In such a state, you don’t know where to begin cleaning your house. The good news is that you don’t need to worry because Rolling Hill Estate Fire Restoration is here to help you with all fire and damage restoration.

Our clean-up strategy is carefully planned according to the type and structure of your house. We make sure that no fire residue is left behind and by the end of it all, you will be wondering if a fire accident really happened.

Securing the Damage

Even if you have not hired a professional yet, you can take the following action so the fire damage does not progress. Make sure you take permission from your fire marshal to re-enter the building. You should have your gloves and breathing mask on to save yourself from toxic effect of fire damage.

  • Open all the windows so fresh air comes inside and the smoke goes out.
  • Items that become damp from fire extinguishing efforts must be dried immediately. Fabrics and carpets can be put out under the sun. You can also put them under fans or dehumidifiers.
  • Use a copper or brass cleaner to clean things made up of these metals to save them from etching.
  • Wrap furniture legs with aluminum foil or plastic wrap so water and soot do not get absorbed in to the wood.
  • Cover the items that have been cleaned with a plastic covering so it does not get contaminated again.

Removing the soot

  • Soot smudges carpets, curtains and other furniture textiles because of its greasy nature. That is why it is important to remove soot before deodorization.
  • It is a good idea to hire a professional because these stains can be very tough to clean. Heavy duty vacuums are required which only professional companies can offer.
  • Do not use vacuum brushes or upright vacuums on your carpets otherwise the soot will set in deeper. Use the nozzle instead.

Removing smoke odor

  • Smoke odor is difficult to get rid of, and a smell will emanate from your clothes even after multiple washes. This is why we recommend you look for professional assistance. Your dry cleaner will use counteractant compounds to break the molecules causing odor in textile.
  • Counteractant compounds vary for different materials. The ones used for cleaning clothes will be quite different from the one used to clean furniture. The type of counteractant used will also vary with the type of material that has burned in the fire.
  • Some companies use ozone generators. Though it is not recommended that you use ozone generator at home, if you still want to do it, put the generator in a plastic zip tent and be careful with the gas because it is toxic and irritable.

Cleaning fire damage is a continuous effort and a lot of a hassle if you don’t have the right equipment. If you are not a professional, chances are that you will forget to take the standard measures to clean up your house.

Rolling Hills Estate Fire Restoration will provide you with the right fire damage restoration experts. You can contact us on (424) 206-6001.

Or visit us the following address and free yourself from the stressful thought of cleaning fire damage.

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